Our Staff Capacity Building workshop

Date: Jan 14, 2019 | Head office-Kampala, Uganda

  1. Rationale: Young-adult Empowerment Initiative (YEi) in partnership with other development agencies intends to achieve certain development objectives. This involves making informed decisions regarding the available resources. However, the supporting staff may not have the necessary skill sets and knowledge in project planning and management, M&E which is an important tool for optimizing the use of the limited resources by assuring efficient and effective implementation of development activities and enabling staff and other decision makers to draw lessons for the future. It’s also essential that staff become more independent and self-reliant in writing project proposals and approaching potential donors and financiers. The workshop is therefore intended to address these and related challenges.
  2. . Objectives:
    • To improve staff skill sets in systematic identification, preparation, appraisal, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development projects. To identify and formulate critical performance indicators. To design a M&E system and produce M&E reports. To write a fund-able project proposals and to mobilize resources for the proposals.
  3. Topics discussed: Project Proposal writing and Resource Mobilization, Project Planning and Management & Project Monitoring and Evaluation

The staff capacity building training organized by the Young-adult Empowerment Initiative was conducted Jan 11 to 12, 2019 and attended by 10 staff members. The three (3) facilitators are qualified and have many years experience in the field of humanitarian development. Our staff benefited from their practical experiences and tools they provided which we shall in turn use to strengthen our organization in the humanitarian service and development.

YEi shall continue to conduct periodic staff capacity building sessions in order to completely bridge identified gaps and strengthen overall grant implementing capacity.

Author: Suzan Luak Kok
Email: youngadult64@gmail.com

Youth Innovation Seminar: preparing youth & women for local & global opportunities


i) to build youth capacities ii) to share information on the existing local global opportunities
and iii) to establish partnership, synergy and network among the youth.


i) Attended by 69, the objectives of the seminar were properly met and achieved as expected, ii) the participants got very much moved to start putting into practice the ideas that were discussed in the seminar and requesting for more of such, iii) It leads to more calls to organize seminars and workshops from within and outside the Bugema University Communities, iv) The attendants are requesting for the possibilities of YEi to extend their programs around the University for further mentor-ship and training e.g. Mr. Abel immediately requested for the organization to extend mentor-ship and capacity sessions to Glorious Nursery and Primary school through invitation.
As a result, also based on the information that got circulated, there is concerned group of youth in Lira led by Agea Jimmy at Lira Technical Institute that are willing to hold the seminar and invite the facilitators from YEi to go and help facilitate the workshop. Effective communication between our facilitators, members of our staff and the participants has been very much improved.

However, we could not ignore the constructive concerns from a few participants who suggested areas to work and improve on, especially in materials delivery and time management. It’s a great opportunity of learning for improvement for us.

Future Prospects:

There is high need to conduct a similar seminar at Glorious Nursery and Primary school.
Bugema University Mbale Campus through the student leadership’s request. Lira Technical Institute has also requested for a seminar possibly in January 2019.


i) YEi should continue to do more capacity building activities towards the areas of identified needs especially on the areas of agribusiness, vocational services & ICT skill as discussed and urged strongly the by participants

ii) Build more qualitative expansion in terms of facilitators in the different fields. The organization should do more on Sustainability and maintenance of its skilled personnel as it widens representation across Uganda and beyond.


Based on the program, objectives, the impact and the future prospects, it’s an evidenced fact that the participants utilized the seminar and benefited to their expectation. Because of the good work done by our Students’ coordinators Ediau David and Choolwe Luya at Bugema University. This report recommends that YEi and TCF should continue to organize more of this program as part of youth, women empowerment and community transformation as envisaged in YEi’s mission statement.