About Us

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We envision socio-economically empowered South Sudanese and refugee youth and women to become agents of peace and social development in communities.

Our Mission

To strengthen the operational capabilities of South Sudanese and refugee youth and women to contribute to sustainable community development through peace-building, education and vocational skills development and other social transformation initiatives.

Why support us?

We are a team of dedicated individuals, ready to effect and deliver sustainable change for the refugees and in unprivileged grassroots communities.

      Objectives include:

  • To advocate for peace and peaceful co-existence in post-conflict and broken communities.
  • To enhance capacity through vocational skills development  for self-reliance among South Sudanese and refugee youth and women.
  • To use  education as a response for eradication of illiteracy, poverty and inequality.
  • To provide reproductive health education to ensure healthy and productive population.

Our Areas of Focus


Our peace-building efforts seek to rebuild social fabric, trust and forge a shared South Sudan’s identity through; community and inter-cultural dialogues, psycho-social support, sports for peace and advocacy. These activities are aimed at transforming and mitigating conflicts in communities devastated by protracted civil wars and violence.

Skills development

Education and vocational skills development are rare opportunities that can unlock the economic potentials of young people and women in underserved communities such as the refugees. The Youth Empowerment Scholarship (YES) is aimed at creating these opportunities for unprivileged kids and youth. When given opportunities, young people can champion peace and development.

Health Education

With a specific focus on mother and child health (MCH), we build capacity of the axillary health workers such as nurses, midwives, public health leaders and Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA) through training who can carry out MCH education and awareness-raising in communities. This is to reduce high maternal and under-5 mortality rate cause partly by lack of adequate healthcare information.

Core Values

Integrity and honesty

Commitment to Excellence

Accountability and good governance

Responsible Stewardship of Resources