What “Peace Direct’s jury” says about us.

Young adult Empowerment Initiative (YEi) was among 270 youth led and peace building organizations globally which were nominated and applied for Peace Direct’s Tomorrow Peace Builder Award 2017.

Despite having emerged to semi final stage among other 12 best organizations globally for the prize, did cialis pas cher not make it to win the award. But we are so profoundly encouraged to work for more and for better by the jury comments which read as below;

‘YEI have already demonstrated the ability to produce results by decreasing ethnic zoning of South Sudanese refugees’

‘Their work is extremely important, given the high levels of violence among South Sudanese refuges – and with their host communities’

‘YEI has brought into the trauma healing activities into its work, which is very important in its work targeted for refugee group. It is also great to learn that because of the their work, women and girls have been able to report about the gender based violence against them’

As an organization which is growing in humanitarian sector, we take these comments for kind encouragement

Nour Kulong ~ Kiryandongo Settlement

Young Adult Empowerment Initiative is a family!

“I love it because it’s a place https://www.cialissansordonnancefr24.com/generique-cialis/ where I can be 100% who I am, and no matter what, everyone is okay with that! I have grown so much as a leader and a speaker because of the incredible opportunities I have been given through it.” ~ Nuor Kulong one of youth participants in Kiryandongo refugee settlement in Uganda