Success Stories

Success Stories

An African Activist Builds Peace with Youth—and Refugees

But Uganda’s progressive refugee policies face financial pressures, and now COVID. Gatwal Gatkuoth was about 11 years old when war in Sudan forced him to flee hundreds of miles, alone, to Uganda as a refugee. Now he works to end wars. When COVID struck Uganda, the nation’s sudden shutdown caught [...]

Fears in Uganda over coronavirus outbreak in refugee settlements

In country hosting most refugees in Africa, support for refugee-led groups and local leaders is key amid COVID-19 fight. Jambiel Mani Jambiel, a 44-year-old South Sudanese living in Uganda‘s Kiryandongo refugee settlement, is worried about the new coronavirus spreading in close quarters where physical distancing is nearly impossible. Mostly, however, he is afraid that [...]

Tap youth talent to tackle COVID-19 crisis and beyond, UN chief tells Security Council

Even amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, countries must do more to harness the talents of young people to address the crisis and its aftermath, the UN Secretary-General told the Security Council on Monday during a videoconference meeting to review the five years since its adoption of a [...]

Wise Words from the Youth: UN Security Council Open Debate on Youth, Peace and Security

This week, on 27th April 2020, under the presidency of the Dominican Republic, the United Nations Security Council held an open video conference on Youth, Peace and Security.  The debate builds on the landmark resolution 2250, which was passed almost 5 years ago. There were 4 briefers at the debate: [...]

Peacebuilding in South Sudan looks to refugees in Uganda

Nearly 900,000 South Sudanese refugees currently live in Uganda, where many live in waiting for an implemented peace agreement. By raising civil consciousness and challenging stereotypes learnt at home, South Sudanese NGOs have rolled-out peacebuilding work in Ugandan refugee settlements since the war erupted in 2013. What exactly are [...]

YAEI is 2018 Peace Direct’s Tomorrow Peacebuilders’ Award Recipient

The Young Adult Empowerment Initiatives (YAEI) was one of the three recipients of 2018 Peace Direct’s Tomorrow Peace-builders’ awards in the youth-led peace building category for our grassroots peace-building in Uganda’s refugee settlements. Our Exec. Director, Gatwal Gatkuoth traveled to New York for peace-building related meetings at the United Nations [...]

What "Peace Direct's jury" says about us.

Young adult Empowerment Initiative (YEi) was among 270 youth led and peace building organizations globally which were nominated and applied for Peace Direct’s Tomorrow Peace Builder Award 2017. Despite having emerged to semi final stage among other 12 best organizations globally for the prize, did cialis pas cher not make [...]

Nour Kulong ~ Kiryandongo Settlement

Young Adult Empowerment Initiative is a family! “I love it because it’s a place where I can be 100% who I am, and no matter what, everyone is okay with that! I have grown so much as a leader and a speaker because of the incredible opportunities I have been [...]

Meeting with His Holiness The Dalai Lama

Courtesy photo; ED Gatwal A. Gatkuoth and HH Dalai Lama Young Adult Empowerment Initiative’s Executive Director, Gatwal A. Gatkuoth was among United States Institute of Peace (USIP) 25 youth and thought leaders from 12 war buy viagra online without a prescription ridden countries in the world for peace exchange program [...]